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I have a Sharon fruit tree with great big fruit but they have taken about 9 months to go from dark green to light green, some leaves fell off in the Autumn but only about 10......they have lightened slightly in the past couple of weeks but 3 have now gone rotten on the tree. Everything i have read says that they will go orange on the tree then you can pick them but can you do anything to speeden this process up before they all rot. ????
I am not a wizz in the garden but i try and this is driving me mad as i love this fruit...HELP....



How hot in summer, and how cold in winter does it get? Those factors might be crucial. I've learnt a lot about persimmon in the last few minutes! I'm assuming it's Diospyros kaki. Water requirements quite high, good air movement, but not drying winds. Fruit ripens later than I realised, so if perhaps yours are rotting, try picking some green, and ripening them indoors. Phil

26 Oct, 2010


Welcome, Brenden!
In Australia they should have been turning orange 6 months ago, so they either aren't persimmons as I know them, or they are brand new, shipped in from Asia, and still seriously confused as to the season. Can you give us their exact botanical name, Brenden, and maybe how old they are? My ignorance is probably showing, but persimmons don't seem a likely crop for Queensland, except maybe around Brisbane--probably not enough winter chilling for most kinds.

27 Oct, 2010

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