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How can I prepare my CARAVAN garden for the winter . we will be leaving it till May



Whether its a caravan garden or a house garden doesn't matter - what's important is what plants you've got and whether they're in pots or in the ground, and where the garden is in the country (near the coast? North, south?) Without knowing the answer to those, can't say.

26 Oct, 2010


Prune any deciduous shrubs/trees and fruit bushes before you go. Mulch anything on the tender side - anything tender in pots move to a more sheltered position. Weed well and mulch everywhere to stop weeds. You can prune any evergreens when you return and be ready to weed too!

27 Oct, 2010


Thank you both of you. We live in the S.E. but with the forecast of bad WEATHER THIS WINTER WOULD LIKE TO PROTECT MY PLANTS. I will pruneas HOYA suggests and mulch as much as poss.

27 Oct, 2010


Depending on which shrubs you have, the worst thing you could do right now is to prune them without knowing what they are - if you have anything which flowers before end of June, the likelihood is that you will be cutting off next year's flowers by pruning back now.
Hardy fuchsias should not be pruned now either, along with several other plants, which should be left to die back over winter and then pruned next spring. Which is why I asked my earlier question...

27 Oct, 2010


No fruit trees, and mostly perenials. Have Fushia's (hardy in pots)and will put them in a sheltered position. Have some Buddlias, just rec as a pressy, in pots and wondered it I should leave them there and just pack them with sacking and mulch in a sheltered position. Thanks for the other info you lovely person

27 Oct, 2010


I'd bubblewrap or insulate the pots with the fuchsias in, as well as move them somewhere sheltered - they're frost sensitive through the roots, so much hardier actually in the ground than in pots. Buddleia should be fine in pots - unless it freezes for longer than a week - but then all plants in pots are at risk if they freeze for longer than that. But it strikes me that if you're not going back till May, the buddleias may well need watering next spring if they're left in pots - we can get some pretty dry weather during April some years, so if its possible, I'd heel them into the ground somewhere (that just means temporarily plant).

27 Oct, 2010

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