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By Funguy

Berkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Just got through some spring flowering perennial bulbs in the post,but i dont know where to plant them yet!
They are Alliums, Puschkinia, Tulip 'Tarda', Anemone de caen, Fritillaria meleagris and Canaliculatis.
I am new to gardening and am going to college(RHS Horticulture), we have not studied planting schemes, only botany and plant health so far.
I know by next spring my knowledge will have increased and i will hopefully be able to create some nice displays in our gardens borders but i didn't want to start planting these bulbs out without knowing what i am doing and what type of displays i am going for (i also have many more plants and bulbs coming over the next few weeks.)

So i'm not sure what to do with the bulbs, i'm wondering, would i be able to plant these bulbs now but in containers and put them in my greenhouse then come next spring plant them out?

Any help or advise will be greatfully received, many thanks.



I would plant them in containers, Funguy, but with the intention of them staying there until they have died back next summer. The containers could be ornamental to stand on a patio or smaller and basic so that you can bury the whole container in the ground in spring.As these are bulbs for the open garden I would keep these containers outdoors for most of the time and only put them in the unheated greenhouse if the weather is likely to be very severe.

26 Oct, 2010


I agree with Bulbaholic, pop them into pots and then you could place them around your garden until you find the place where you like them.

26 Oct, 2010


Thank you both... when you advise - i could plant the container in the ground, is this because removing from the pot will distress the plant/roots? And would you advise against removing the plants from the pot and planting out?

27 Oct, 2010


Yes, Funguy, and yes. The roots will be happily growing in the compost in the pots and will not easily take to being disturbed and planted in the ground. I would leave the growing bulbs out in the open in their pots until the folliage starts to die back, April, May, June time) then move the pots to somewhere covered so that they don't get any more rain. The reason for this is that plastic pots retain much more moisture than the open ground does and the bulbs could rot in the soggy soil. You can remove the bulbs anytime after the foliage has all died away, dry them off and store in paper bags (labeled) in a cool, dry place until you plant them again next August/September.
Another tip, as the flowers die back give the pots a watering with half-strength tomato feed once a week until the foliage dies away. This will feed the bulbs and help next years flowers.

27 Oct, 2010

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