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Dyfed, United Kingdom Gb

I planted a ginger rhizom in my greenhouse as it was showing signs of growing. I thought it would be interesting to try and grow my own ginger. The first year it grew about 6 inches in a pot and then appeared to die. It has since regrown and stands about 3 feet tall and has lots of leaves. the roots have grown thru the pot into the soil in the greenhouse. I have repotted it today in a much larger pot. My question is - what do I do now? will it continue to grow - there were no signs of any ginger growing.



Have a look at this web site this should give you all the answers.

27 Oct, 2010


The ginger is growing - remember, it's the root you eat, so when you want to, dig it up and use it, but all the time the leaves are growing, that tuberous root gets bigger, so more ginger root... They need heat to grow really well and get very large.

27 Oct, 2010


It will die back every year and regrow in the spring. Keep it mostly shaded and well watered. As Bamboo says, it needs warmth. When you repotted it, you could have taken some to use, just leave some "bumps" to grow. The flowers aren't that good.

28 Oct, 2010

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