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By Mark61

South Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi yet again my husband as been pottering about in his garden.......going all round the garden centres trying to decide what he can put in his chimney pots for winter bless him.Any suggestions would be of great help.Regards julie:))

On plant Dianthus

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how about heathers, trailling ivy, ferns if shady, ajuga[bugles as a low foliage plant] winter pansies/violas, bellis daisy.
these are all currently in a range of pots in my garden.

27 Oct, 2010


thank you Seaburngirl ill suggest them to him regards julie :)

27 Oct, 2010


What I've done with mine is to put whatever plant is in season into a plant pot and put this inside the chimney. As you can change the plant pot according to what's in bloom there's always something of interest inside the chimneys rather than just empty pots. For example, at the moment there are pink and white heathers in, but at the summer, there was a hosta in one and dianthus in the other. As the plants die off, I just take them out and leave them on my back patio, to come away again next year. Simples!!

27 Oct, 2010


..or if you want to fill the c'pots with soil, try filling up some of the volume with broken up expanded polystyrene. This is cheap (free!) and reduces the amount of compost needed. It also helps with drainage.

27 Oct, 2010


How about grasses or sedges, frothing out of the top? Phil

27 Oct, 2010


I appreciate finding these replies as I'm on the lookout for chimney pots and needed information about planting and here it is :)

I hope hubby enjoys potting up his chimney pots!

27 Oct, 2010


Heucheras seem to like chimney pots. Being hugged by another pot seems to make them happy, and they seem to thrive very well. No planting, soil and other decisions as long as the pot is the right size to sit in the chimney.

28 Oct, 2010


Not a difficult choice then Dorjac....I really like the heucheras :) I will look out for some chimney pots on my travels.

28 Oct, 2010


heucheras ,grass and some bulbs 4 spring .

28 Oct, 2010


Ha ha my wife having a joke with you all, is she hinting that i am spending too much time in the garden.I think i had better do a bit of a nice thing and spend some time with my wife.:))))Half an hour later done my special thing of spending time with my wife bored now so back in my garden lol.:)))))) maybe in trouble later but my flowers were calling lol.

30 Oct, 2010

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