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Hi there, I have/had a lovely plant which I always called Sorrell but now know is Oxalis. It has deep red leaves and pinky lilac flowers. It was ok till about 3 weeks ago when I noticed coppery coloured spots on the underside of the leaves. The whole plant has now withered and died.. Was this a desease of some sort? Will new shoots generate in the Spring? or should I look to buy a new one and start from scratch? Your comments please. Many thanks Pam Ardin



this sounds like a fungal infection called rust. my instinct is that it may grow well again but you may find it develops it the following season. So if you do replace it plant it in a different place in your garden.

28 Oct, 2010


Hi Pam and welcome to GoY oxalis do die back in the autumn and then grow again in spring. Or are you saying that you think the root itself has died?

28 Oct, 2010


Pam - it sounds like Oxalis triangularis to me. I have this, and it's actually several corms planted close together in a pot indoors. If you have your plant in a pot, tip the compost out onto a tray and you should find them. Then pot them up again in fresh compost, water the pot and they should re-grow.

28 Oct, 2010

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