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Viburnum tinus dieback

West Somerset, England Eng

Has anyone got any ideas as to why one of my Viburnum tinus shrubs is suffering dieback in one area? Also, should I cut the affected branch out? The rest of the shrub is healthy as are the other two next to it.

On plant Viburnum tinus




if i were you Spritz i would cut all dead and damaged bits out, it could just be that this branch has got damaged, proberly nothing to worry about. viburnum can be pruned qute hard and comes back better for it! - i'm always chopping bits off my mums one for flower arrangments and it seems to like it! pruning should be done after flowering, according to my book, but they do have such a long flowering period. i aways cut it when in flower or sometimes in bud - as this is best for my arrangements, and it does'nt seem to mind at all. it just produces more, if anything cutting now will proberly prolong flowering, so go for it, be brave!

19 Jan, 2008


Yes cut it out and dispose of it straight away.

19 Jan, 2008


There are two diseases that can affect Viburnum called Phytophthora hedraiandra or ramorum. It's a basal stem canker (look for cankers about 10cm up the stem from the base) causing defoliation and dieback
It's been spreading across Europe for a couple of years now. It gets into areas of damage on the plant and destroys it. Cut off dead wood as low to the ground as possible then burn the offcuts -DO NOT COMPOST
Keep an eye on the rest of the plant for similar things happening.
Good luck

20 Jan, 2008


Sounds scary! I shall look carefully as I wield my trusty pruning saw... Thanks to you all for the advice - I thought I probably should cut it off! It's going to leave a horrible gap, unfortunately.

20 Jan, 2008


One other point, after you have used any pruning tools where you are possibly cutting out diseased material, dip your blade into bleach to sterilise before going on to another shrub. (A 10 percent solution is strong enough.)

20 Jan, 2008


Well, I have cut off all dead bits and also unhealthy-looking bits, too, and sterilised my secateurs and pruning saw. I burnt the cut off bits as suggested. I couldn't find any damage on the branches, or cankers or anything that looked any different from the other branches, so it's still a mystery. I crawled right underneath it to look! Henry though it was a great game...I have pulled the front healthy branches as far back as I dare, to hide the ugly gap (a bit) and I'll be watching out for any more problems. Thanks everybody, and keep your fingers crossed!

20 Jan, 2008


Hi Spritzhenry. Can you tell me how your viburnum fared after cutting out the dead bits? My 17 year old viburnum is experiencing the same. I know it's been a decade since you posted. Hopefully, you'll have good news! :D

17 Aug, 2018


Hi everyone. I realise this is an old post but has anyone got an answer? My viburnum Tinus hedge has several plants with dieback and I can see it spreading despite cutting out the affected branches, sterilising my pruning equipment between each cut and keeping the hedge fertilised and watered.

5 Nov, 2019

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