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Weedkiller and dormant bulbs


By Bobd26

United Kingdom Gb

Hi - could you tell me if applying pathclear weedkiller to a large gravelled area in front of my house will also kill or damage the spring bulbs beneath the gravel right against my house wall ? If so, should I avoid applying the weedkiller in that specific place, and try digging the weeds by hand there? (weeds are quite prolific in the whole area).

Thanks. Robert M. Day



Pathclear is a residual weedkiller, Robert, and will poison the ground and anything in it for several months. Hence, it is liable to damage your bulbs. If the bulbs are not showing above the surface then a better option would be to use a glyphosphate weedkiller such as Roundup. This only kills the vegetation that it comes into contact with. It is possibly a bit late in the season to use this now as the weeds have mostly stopped growing. The best time for you would be in mid summer when all the bulbs are dormant.

29 Oct, 2010

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