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Thanks for your repply. I can't get electricity to the greenhouse, so will a small parafin heater do the job?



Hello Deytona and welcome to Grows on You.

I'm afraid I don't know what question your comment refers to. It's much easier if you add your comment, thanks, or extra information on the end of whatever has been posted so far under your question. Type in the "Comments Box" then click on "Add comment" just below the box under the right hand corner. It's much easier if you keep all of one subject together. I hope you manage to sort out whatever it is with some help from a greenhouse expert on here.

29 Oct, 2010


It is not normally advised to use a paraffin heater in a greenhouse because of the build up of fumes affecting the plants.

30 Oct, 2010


They also create condensation, which can then cause grey mould on plants. Their other difficulty is the control of the temperature, and you have to keep a close eye on the paraffin level, as it has the nasty habit of running out at the most inconvenient moment.

All in all - not very good. You'd have your work cut out with one, I reckon.

30 Oct, 2010

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