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Can anyone tell me the name of this begonia? It's the first time I've had them in the garden, they've done brilliantly and the colour is superb, a deep orangy-red. The leaves are covered in prickly fur so the slugs hate them, yippee a slug safe plant! A huge flower appears with a smaller, less elegant with a vibrant yellow 'curly' centre hides behind it. I think I read somewhere that these should be pinched out, am I right to pinch these off or did I just dream that one up? What should I do with them when it gets cold? Can I bring them in the house or very shady conservatory, or do I cut them down and leave them in? Any advice would be greatly appreciated as they are so beautiful I'd hate to lose them.

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30 Aug, 2008


Looks a beautiful bloom. I'm certainly no expert, but i do grow Begonias and will do my best to help.
I have just written a blog "Double Tuberous Begonias, What's happening next" hope that helps. You may find the house too dry an atmosphere, although if they're going down i wouldn't think it as important as when they're growing.
The huge flower, as you say, is the male flower. There are generally 2 female flowers behind this which you should take out to get the best from your showy male bloom.
Is this a named variety? not all double tuberous Begonias are named - they have to be grown on trial for a period (i think 5 years) before they become a named exhibition Begonia, before that they have a number. Some unnamed ones can be just as nice, but when showing i go for the named ones which i get from Begonia specialist nurseries which for some new ones can be up to £30. If it is a named one, it looks a bit like "Tahiti" but i'm not sure.
I have seen some cheap named Begonias in garden centres and have tried them, but they haven't got the same quality as the ones from the specialists.

31 Aug, 2008

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