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we have some land at the side of our house which is very over grown and not used by anyone. Anyway hubby took a walk through the undergrowth a few weeks ago and ame across some sedums. So we acquired a few! since planting them they havent died but are looking a bit sorry for themselves, some of the stems are broken and others just wont stand up straight. But that said, they do actually look healthy. Can i cut these down to tidy them up? Also are you meant to cut the flower heads off after flowering? - thanks



I've always thought of sedums to be tough little plants - i'm presuming you mean low growing ones now, perhaps you mean the taller varieties though.

Most sedums i've ever had have transplanted extremely well, from little pieces i've broken off other plants so i'd say yours will soon send out little roots and settle in.

You could leave the spent flower heads on or cut them off - a fiddly job on the smaller varieties.

30 Oct, 2010


I leave the large heads on, as they look wonderful in frost. Then I cut the dead stems and heads back in the spring. If they're broken, then you can tidy them up now, no problem.

30 Oct, 2010


oh good, glad you said that Spritz because they dont look very appealing with the stems dangling everywhere. Will sort them out tomorrow. As for now, i'm off to post another 2 questions. Busy, busy today :)

30 Oct, 2010


I didn't help much with your hydrangea question, though, did I? :-(((

30 Oct, 2010

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