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Have 1 raised bed and a 2nd ordinary bed within a Greenhouse and have grown tomatoes,spring onions, courgettes etc. for the 1st time and am pleased with the results. Having cleared and cleaned the area and sieved the newly dug over soil, what is the best process to prepare and supplement the soil for the spring.



If your greenhouse is free from all plants, you will need to kill off fungus and pests in the soil. Wash down the glass inside with vinegar and water. Sterilize the soil with a solution of armillatox, water it on with a fine rose. Cover with a plastic sheet, leave for 3 weeks, uncover and ventilate. Do not stay in the greenhouse too long. In January, fork in well rotted compost, two weeks before planting or sowing add fertiliser.

30 Oct, 2010

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