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I've just dug up & planted (October) some 5 ft. raspberries canes I got from a friend. Do I cut them back now or tie them up and wait till spring?



It depends on whether they are summer or autumn (fall) fruiting. If summer you need to check if the canes that fruited this year have been cut out if not cut these back completely. Then cut the canes that grew this year down to no more than 2 foot to allow the roots to establish. With autumn fruiting canes I'd wait until spring to cut back.

30 Oct, 2010


Since these are newly transplanted, I would cut them all down to about a foot tall to keep the roots from drying before they grow root hairs. Expect new growth in the spring, and fruit in the fall if autumn bearing, or early summer of 2012 if spring blooming.

1 Nov, 2010

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