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Does anyone know if you are allowed to bring plants into Scotland? We are planning to travel by plane, and would love to bring some indoor plants for another GoY member.
Thanks a lot!
Hilda (from Belgium)



We discussed this a while ago Hilda, but I can't find it now. The info I'm getting on government websites is quite negative -

but I seem to remember that last time it was discussed the consensus was that small quantities of commercially produced and shop bought plant material was OK to bring in from the EU.

According to the RHS website there are no border checks for plants within the EU

"Within the European Union (EU) there are no border checks for plants and plant products travelling between member states and, it is possible, to import and export plants freely with very few exceptions.

* If you intend, however, to move large quantities check with the Plant Health and Seed Inspectorate (PHSI) – offices are usually based at DEFRA Regional centres. A limited range of material, which hosts the most serious 'quarantine' pests and diseases such as potatoes, do require official documentation.
* If in doubt, whatever the quantity, it is always best to check with the relevant authorities – both in the UK and the country of origin or destination of the plant material. The PHSI are also able to advise on the requirements for exporting plants to other countries."

31 Oct, 2010


It is quite normal to bring living plants from Europe into Scotland, Hilda. It is meat products that you cannot bring in without license.

31 Oct, 2010


im going to get tree ferns deliverd to skillen in scotland so know problem hilda x .

31 Oct, 2010


Thanks a lot, Beattie, Bulbaholic and Noseypotter!
Now I'll pack all the plants I can get into my suitcase without any worries and bring them to David in Edinburgh...

1 Nov, 2010


your more than welcome hilda x .

2 Nov, 2010

How do I say thanks?

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