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I've just returned from Portugal, where this tree took my breath away ! It's a good 80' tall. Does anyone have any idea what it is called or know anything about it ? Many thanks.




Araucaria heterophylla. They are all over the place and they do get tall. It seems every village here has at least one. They are slow growing and don't like to have their roots disturbed. The village I live in had one in a traffic circle, and when the road was repaved, the work killed the tree.

31 Oct, 2010


Many thanks Wylie .... I think they're wonderful ! Great shame about the one in your village ! :~(

31 Oct, 2010


I like the picture. It takes decades for them to get that tall. It is also known as a Norfolk Pine, but the Portugese call it an Araucaria, the scientific name.

31 Oct, 2010


Actually, the growth habit on this one looks more like A. columnaris. A. heterophylla has more horizontal branches and spreads a little wider, in my experience.

1 Nov, 2010


Going by what I've seen here, and asking a friend, as well as the origins of the trees ( the Portugese were more likely to go to Norfolk Island instead of New Caledonia and we have a lot of plants from Australia), and since the photo only shows the upper part, plus the photos I looked up of A.columnaris are slightly off, we can conclude it is an Araucaria.

1 Nov, 2010


Yep, definitely an Araucaria! : D

There's probably a way for an expert to tell from a close-up of the foliage, but flying to Portugal isn't in my budget!

Thank's Wylie!

1 Nov, 2010


Going again in April, so I'll get a close up then :~)) Many thanks

4 Nov, 2010

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