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By Shrimp

West Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

I have a plastic /polythene greenhouse with no heating [as yet]. Will this be ok to over winter the coleus canina plugs? As a follow up does anyone know any violin makers?{joke}.



Coleus are not frost hardy.
I made a cello a while back if that's any help ;-))

31 Oct, 2010


Probably not. Coleus aren't hardy and the Scaredy Cat is usually treated as an annual, grown each year from seed. It'd be safer to bring them indoors for the winter.
Can't help with the violin maker - do you want to play the fiddle?? {another joke}

31 Oct, 2010


TA again .Hope to buy a small cost effective heater that won't damage the cover.AS for violins ,first catch your cat:

31 Oct, 2010


Buy a water-pistol, Shrimp! That helps.

31 Oct, 2010


Hi Shrimp! If the greenhouse is small enough, an electric space heater may raise the temperature just enough. Be sure to use an outdoor extension cord, or run electrical conduit to the greenhouse, use a ground fault circuit interrupter, and stand the heater on a flag in a dry spot, for safety. Paraffin and propane heaters can damage plants--and sometimes gardeners--with toxic fumes!

1 Nov, 2010

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