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Why do peoples new garden pics not show on the home page anymore as it was with the old format...not good! seem to miss them all now...or is it just me! ?



No - I have to search for my own, Bs! Another downside of the make-over. :-((

1 Nov, 2010


I thought I might be missing something Barbara, didn't you used to be able to see the members icon with their latest picture upload by the side, on the top right of the page ? used to draw me in straight away to look at all the pics, now I don't even realize where to view them at all without messing around and searching for them, consequently I'm missing them all since the makeover...not always for the best all this tinkering with the site, beginning to wonder that the advertising here is everything now and the members and users are regarded as secondary :((

1 Nov, 2010


I agree with you Bluespruce. I find the home page rather dull now.

1 Nov, 2010


Some aspects of the new design are not so user-friendly as they were before ...

... but some parts are better... I find it much easier to see the words when composing private messages ...

1 Nov, 2010


wen you want to go back to where u were just click on the blue arrow at the top saves all messing around clicking on a million tabs to find wot you were looking at .

1 Nov, 2010


I was wondering when someone would give more feedback on aspects of the website makeover. I too miss the way the introductory page had members icon and latest pictures next to it. I suppose, if you favourite all and sundry, you will get a huge list of those who have posted pictures. Personally it can then become overwhelming, and lead to too much time spent on line, clicking your way into a possible deep vein thrombosis!!!!!!!! I think someone perhaps relies on us all forgetting what was there before. I've always clicked on the blue arrow Cristina, it is quicker.

20 Nov, 2010

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