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how do I take a cutting from a Fushcia



It would have been better to do this earlier in the year, say August or maybe even into September. You can pull off some side shoots or cut the top 4" or so from semi-ripe shoots. Trim the ends to just below a node (where the leaves come from), take off any flowers, buds, fruit and all leaves on the bottom half of the cutting. Slide the ends if the cuttings into damp compost, putting them in round the sides of a smallish pot works well, or use the method that Anchorman described recently using 2 pots.

Cover the cuttings with a clear plastic bag held over the top of the pot with an elastic band just below the rim, and put in a shady place in the garden or on a north-facing windowsill (bright but not sunny). Fuchsias root easily so you would have quite a good success rate if you'd started earlier in the year.

Unfortunately, you've probably missed the boat really for this year, but it's still worth a try. What you'll need to do is take the cuttings as described above and stand them in a glass of water so the water reaches halfway up the cutting and keep them indoors on a bright but not sunny windowsill until some good roots have appeared. Pot them up then, keep on the same windowsill and give lots of TLC (enough water, but not too much...) til established. Once the roots have got used to being in compost instead of water you'll be able to keep them indoors in a coolish place til you can plant them out next spring after frosts have finished.

1 Nov, 2010


It is not too late to take cutting of Forsythia if you use hardwood cuttings.
When the leaves turn colour, take cuttings of strong shoots about 6 to 9 ins. long, avoiding the top of the shoot (weaker and probably has flowering buds). Cut below a node at the bottom and above one at the top. Find a sheltered spot in the garden: base of a wall, or out of way corner. Take out a small trench, 6 ins. deep. Put some sand in the bottom. Insert the cuttings two thirds into the soil. Firm the soil. Wait until spring and your cuttings should root. It is best to leave in situ until the following year.

Alternately, if you can bend a stem to the ground, they layer very easily.

1 Nov, 2010


I forgot to add the link to Anchorman's blog about taking cuttings. Here it is -
You could use this method next summer on your fuchsias, or try it now if you can keep them sheltered or indoors. There's nothing to lose by giving it a go.

2 Nov, 2010


Ooooops! Sorry, I read this as Forsythia. Very difficult to take hardwood cuttings of Fuchsia. (Although, I suppose it could be done in mild areas)
Note to self: Get new glasses.

4 Nov, 2010

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