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I.D. on this fungus please ? I pulled up some Forget-me-nots today & found this lot beneath. There is a decaying tree root, neighbour had tree felled about 5 or 6 years ago, we drilled holes in remainder & applied stump killer.

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Have a look at my photos, and see if it's honey fungus. I'll post another for further ident, showing the gills and the distinctive 'collar' under the cap. Phil

1 Nov, 2010


Just looked at you honey pic ... doesn't look the same as mine ... not as pale ? I'll check it out in the morning, many thanks for looking at my question.

1 Nov, 2010


The ring under the cap is quite distinctive. Usually oney fungus is on living wood, however, although it may have started there and the stump remains have finally died. Other identity measures are the smell of the wood, which should smell of mushrooms, and the presence of the 'bootlace' like rhizomorphs, which will be under the bark. Phil

1 Nov, 2010


I can't be absolutely sure, but does look like Honey Fungus

2 Nov, 2010


Have added more pics this morning ... not looking like Honey Fungus ... have touched wood beneath fungi ... is soft so will try to remove asap !

2 Nov, 2010


You're right, not honey fungus, no ring under the cap. Looking in my books now. Keep you posted. Phil

2 Nov, 2010


Looking at Sulphur Tuft, which, although yellow-brown and convex when young, flattens out with age, and fades, leaving the centre of th cap darker, like yours. Apparently smells of iodine! lives on dead wood (which honey fungus doesn't). NOT edible. PJ

2 Nov, 2010


Many thanks, Phil, I've looked in my book at Sulphur Tuft & am pretty sure that's what it WAS, all safely disposed of now! : o ))

3 Nov, 2010

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