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Hi. Is anyone growing Viburnum carlesii or Viburnum judii? I'm looking for a compact shrub that won't grow to more than about 3' - preferably with pretty flowers and leaf colour in autumn! The new bed is gravel in full sun. Thanks.



Viburnum carlesii try Linclass, Homebird and Lawley they have that one?

4 Nov, 2010


I grow both and V. x juddii is the most fantastic scented shrub. Both do get quite big eventually though. If you want a Viburnum, let me know what sort of dimensions you want and I will see which ones fit your needs.

4 Nov, 2010


Thanks Owdboggy! It would need to be about 2' tall and not more than 18" wide. (but not necessarily Viburnum - I'm also considering Pittosporum Tom Thumb . . . anything gorgeous really.)

4 Nov, 2010


Pittosporum are lovely plants, wish they would survive here for us.
The vast majority of Viburnums will get bigger and wider, in time, than your allotted space. You can prune them back, but then there is the risk of losing the flowers. The only one which is really small does not flower and is gorwn for its leaf colour. Back later with some more info, but got to go out now for the rest of the day.

4 Nov, 2010


Thank you Ob; I'm puzzled by Pittosporum as the pale variegated one thrives here, but when I tried Tom Thumb many years ago it disappeared. However, the new bed I'm now planning is in a different spot. Maybe Viburnum wasn't my best idea . . . I'm now wondering about Prunus Ko jo mai because I do have a couple which need transplanting . . . one day I'll make my mind up! :)

4 Nov, 2010


That one gets sold as a dwarf shrub, the one in my garden is over 8 feet tall now and that is after being pruned to the ground a few years back.
Another dwarf shrub is Syringa palbini meyeri. Hah, again mine is huge now.
Could I suggest you look at some of the dwarf evergreen Daphne? D. petraea has some lovely forms as does D, cneorum and the crosses between them.

4 Nov, 2010


Thank you . . . I will investigae the Daphnes you mention.

4 Nov, 2010


How maddening to buy a "dwarf" shrub and for it to grow "huge". I absolutely love miniature lilacs, and have one in a pot that I bought for its fantastic scent . . . think I'll leave it in the pot after your experience Ob! Because I'm a flippertigibbet, I've just Googled Photinia davidiana palette, and am now considering THAT for the new bed. Ho hum!

5 Nov, 2010


Sorry to bother you again, Owdb, but I'm interested in the Daphnes you mentioned. Love the colour of petraea and will look out for it. Daphne cneorum also looks great, but there seem to be about 20 different varieties . . . please could you narrow it down for me to the ones you favour? Many thanks (hope you're having a sunny day today; it's gorgeous here!).

7 Nov, 2010

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