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i just rememberd something ive always wanted to know . i generaly only think of it when i look at the plant in winter as its not realy importent.why do fatsia or false caster oil plants flower at about the coldest time of year . im thinking its to do with comming from another country but that is just a guess .the flowers dont realy even seam to come to much and in some of the warm summers the insects arnt interested it seams anyway.thank you i hope your all well and looking forward to summer . i realy get jealus of bears this time of year lol xx .




Sue's Fatsia flowers (if you could call it that) at any time of the year Nosey - as you say though, bees etc have no interest in it so I would have to guess that it relies on a specific species in the wild for pollination.

4 Nov, 2010


You're looking very cheerful NP! Thanks for sharing pic :-)
(Dunno about Fatsia, though)

4 Nov, 2010


Plants are longday flowering or short day, although hybrids have been raised to give all the year round flowering, for example Chrysanthemums. As you say many come from abroad, or have been brought in many years ago.
I agree about the bears Leigh, our tortoise has just gone to sleep till April, I might join him Lol.

4 Nov, 2010


Hi Nosey, I agree and think it's because they come from a slightly warmer region where late season insects are still prevalent. Ivy (Hedera) which is related flowers late in the season too of course so it also may be inherent in many members of this family (Araliaceae).

4 Nov, 2010


That's an interesting question NP, I always assumed (wrongly?) that they just flowered periodically from spring to frost? I have 2 one was really pretty until the frost got to the flowers a few weeks ago. Next year I will pay a bit more attention to it.

4 Nov, 2010


thank you so much a most interesting array of answers lol

4 Nov, 2010

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