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Hi can you advise please, when taking the soil off dahlias, ready to store them, does it matter that some of the fingers drop off, and do they shrivel during the winter, and do you cut off any of the fingers when ready to plant in the spring, thank you in anticipation



The tubers on the Dahlia are just storage organs, they have no growth points on them, so once they drop off they are dead. Try not to remove any when cleaning up the plants, they are what get the Dahlia growing next year. All the growth points are on the stem of the plant so do not damage that at all.

4 Nov, 2010


Just to add to what Owdboggy has said. In order to prevent the tubers shrivelling over winter. Pack round them with multi purpose compost which should help. I've never had a problem with using this method of storage. If any parts of the tuber snap...dust with sulphur powder.....You can of course take cuttings in the early will get better quality blooms this way.....

PS: Check them periodically over the winter, in case there is any rotting......good luck!!

4 Nov, 2010

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