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Are there any Peony "nuts" out there?

If so, I want to ask some questions about Itoh peonies and a few other things.
Many thanks.



Hey Margo, I love peonies but don't ask me any questions because I'm new at these...I have one tree peony, two herbaceous peonies and 16 seeds germinating. :o) :o)

4 Nov, 2010


Got one or three (actally about a dozen herbaceous and half a dozen tree) but none of the Itoh ones, well beyond our pockets. But ask your questions, I have 3 or 4 very good books on Paeonies.

4 Nov, 2010


Hi Alex, well you are doing better than me..not into seeds for these plants..havent got time to see em grow my dear..thats for you young uns! Got a feeling owdboggy might answer the questions I have about Itoh Peonies..she has a book....

However, thanks all the same. Hope you are well and how is your path coming along? Any pictures yet?

4 Nov, 2010


When he last looked Owdboggy was very definitely male.

4 Nov, 2010


Oooops! I forgot to look! lol!

4 Nov, 2010


Hi Margo, we had the digger in two days ago!!!! Waiting for a truck of top soil to come in. Had to lift the little path back up but at least I know what it's going to look like now.

Oooops, wodboggy a male ;o)

Itoh peonies resemble tree peonies with a domed, vigorous growth habit and large double flowers. They have disease-resistant lacy, dark green foliage. Like other peonies, the Itoh hybrids are winter dormant, so they’ll return to reward you with summer blooms for many years.

What’s great about Itoh peonies? They can provide up to 50 blooms in a single season. This is due to their ability to produce primary and secondary buds. They grow up two to three feet tall and wide. They have a wonderful color range, and excellent disease resistance.

What have you done Margo, 50 blooms in a single season, I think I want one of these too.

5 Nov, 2010


Ive had a good mail from Owdboggy and yours is great Alex. Its sooo tempting for my front garden which gets a great deal of sunshine. I am being presented with a Molly The Witch by another Goyer (bless him, Ive ALWAYS wanted one of these wonderful yellow peonies) but that has to go where I can see it all the time. Its just that Callies Memory caught my eye...and you know what THAT means!!!

5 Nov, 2010


Just to let you know I succumbed..I bought a Callies Memory..thanks for your help folks (or should that be, its all your fault I spent all that money!!)

9 Mar, 2011

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