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Does any one know of any software for planning and designing you garden which would show the way the plants would look. free version preferably.



well I don't know but I asked Monsieur Google, and he said Google Sketch Up v7 - want to have a look?

5 Nov, 2010


I did the same thing and there are plenty out there!
There is also a virtual garden planner on the BBC site.

5 Nov, 2010


Thanks will have a closer look at them. has any one used one in particular?

5 Nov, 2010


I used to use a 3d garden planner. Take a picture of a garden, then place pictures of plants on top. I did have to import the pictures from google images. But unfortunately the programme is no longer available for the up to date computers. So I do much the same on a photo with Paint, use pictures from the net, and paste on top to the size you want. You can see what I have done on the link to my web site. Below the head plan is a picture for the new border.

5 Nov, 2010


I've never been able to get the BBC version to work, Meanie - just sits there, looking at me...

5 Nov, 2010


That'll be because like me you need an Adobe doo dah thingy, and probably like me won't be pressured into downloading it!!!

5 Nov, 2010


just tried the BBC version, don't bother plants so limited but I guess that is what you get with free versions.
Like the idea of overlaying pictures seems alot of hard work but I guess it gets easier the more you do it.

6 Nov, 2010

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