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By Alextb

London, England Eng

I just just thought I would share my new little planter.

It is literally miniature, but I think it looks nice.

It seems that since adverts, meerkats are all the rage.




Cute - I hope that's not its permanent position, lol!

5 Nov, 2010


Why not, I think it loos nice on my latop. I think I might superglue the two together.


5 Nov, 2010


Be quite a few typos if you did...

5 Nov, 2010


wouldn't it be lovely if there was an all-weather-proof-computer for using GOY in mud, rain etc outdoors permanently. With extra planter options round the side or on top. Well, I can dream!
I think that's a novel addition to your keyboard Alex.

5 Nov, 2010


i believe theres a cover you can buy thats at least very water resistent weeding .

6 Nov, 2010


I believe that scientists frequently use such when "in the field", nowadays....No idea what they cost, though!

6 Nov, 2010


your right tugbrethil they do use such when there in the muck lol

6 Nov, 2010


I love the planter, it's so 'simples'


check this out.

I could do with one here. Ours must have a life of it's own under the keys.

Laptop /computer, didn't find any washable or waterproof ones:-)

6 Nov, 2010


Ever seen the keyboard they use at the car mechanics garage? Covered in a very thick layer of plastic to keep the muck out...

6 Nov, 2010


And our dentist has one where the keyboard is sterilisable with disinfectant. The keys are in a transparent moulded polythene thingy. Probably like the one in the garage, but with less oil on it.

6 Nov, 2010


ugh! maybe I shouldn't even have gone there...

8 Nov, 2010

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