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Is it safe to use the pruned branches of Asian Bells as fuel for a wood burning heater?

On plant Radermachera



So long as you have allowed them to dry out first I can't see a problem.

6 Nov, 2010


Thank you Moon grower.

I was concerned that it could cause noxious? (not sure if that is the right word) fumes to build up in the home as it was hoped to help with heating in a very cold winter.

6 Nov, 2010


If your stove is properly ventilated then it should not cause toxic fumes to build up.

7 Nov, 2010


we burn quite a few diff woods on ours .... you need to keep the chimney swept every year .... and you shud have a vent brick in the outside wall .. you can google it and find all recormendations

7 Nov, 2010


I agree the stove pipe needs to be swept each year but why a vent brick with a wood burning stove Cristina?

7 Nov, 2010


Thank you all for your help. It is much appreciated

8 Nov, 2010


wen i looked up recomendations 4 the size of woodburner ratio to room size ... you may have to have a vent on outside wall someting to do wth buiding regs thats y i say google it .

8 Nov, 2010


Cristina we, and lots of our friends, have wood burning/multifuel stoves - no vents... Perhaps you have to with a new build there are so many crazy rules and regs!

8 Nov, 2010


totaly agree m.g. but no not just new builds ... we have a large space to warm up so no vent lol

10 Nov, 2010

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