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Is it true that the daffodil is supposed to lift your mood, especially those who feel undervalued by society?

On plant Narcissus pseudonarcissus



Never heard that one before! They lift 'my' mood because they're bright and cheerful and spring will have sprung - but that's it as far as I know!

6 Nov, 2010


They lifted Wordsworth's mood. Do yo mean medicinally when extracts are taken?

6 Nov, 2010


Especially those who feel undervalued by society? What an extraordinary idea - I'd imagine those of us who respond positively to the appearance of daffodils do so for the reasons Spritz describes above - it means the winter is more or less over and the dark days behind us for few months again, so more likely SAD sufferers rather than low self esteem.

6 Nov, 2010


Well I hope no one is making extracts from daffodil bulbs... they are poisonous.

6 Nov, 2010


Daffodils lift my mood, especially when flowering in great swathes in woodland, and I don't feel undervalued byu society. Actually I would think the reverse could be true - as in haves and have nots - the undervalued could feel even less valued because 'they' have nice things and 'I' don't.

6 Nov, 2010


Might just as easily argue that narcissists respond well to daffodils as people with low self esteem, given the name narcissus, lol!

6 Nov, 2010


Hello Guest, could we be thinking that to help lift the spirits a splash of colour would be beneficial ?
If so then yes it can help but if a person is feeling under valued ( getting medical now) then other avenues of support is advised. Not wanting to get too 'deep n meaningful' here but when it comes to health both physical & mental there is support out there.
As already mentioned this is NOT a plant to be ingested as it will certainly make you feel out of sort's.
My take on daffodils is I dont actually like them, far too overrated, but then my glass is always half full ;-))
Take care.

7 Nov, 2010

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