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Tulips-Do you think I can move tulips already planted-I've been planting my wallflowers amongst where I have tulips that have been left in and I keep spiking them-they don't appear to have roots yet and I thought I would move them after flowering nxt spring then wondered if I could just do it now-it would be so much easier to plant the wallflowers and then incorporate the new bulbs I have still to plant!! What are your thoughts people?!



I can't see why not - if they haven't started putting roots down yet there should be no problem.

6 Nov, 2010


I think you will find no problem at all lifting and moving your tulip bulbs as long as they haven't been in long and started developing roots. If roots have started forming then conceiveably lifting them might cause those roots to damage and tear.

6 Nov, 2010


Move 'em! :-)

6 Nov, 2010


You possibly won't hurt the tulips by lifting them (mind you don't cut yourself), but why? I think that the mix of wallflowers and tulips could look very nice.

6 Nov, 2010


LOL Bulbaholic..

6 Nov, 2010


Thanks everyone-I shall do that then-I do want to have the tulips with the wallflowers, Bulbaholic, its just that when I'm putting in the wallflowers my fork finds the tulips cos I must have planted them too shallowly so once the plants are in I can re-plant the bulbs deeper & safer!

7 Nov, 2010


Pixie, our garden is full of bulbs which get disturbed all the year round when we plant other plants - we just push them back into the ground and hope (usually sucessfully)! Can you replant the tulips deeper, now? Probaly but if you leave them as they are, over time they will pull themselves down to the depth that they enjoy. For example - we often find narcissus that have been planted to shallowly with strong roots underneath pulling them deeper into the soil; alternatively Cyclamen planted too deeply pushing themselves back up to the surface of the soil.

7 Nov, 2010


Thanks for that, Bulbaholic, I must decide what I do, I just hate it when I am carefully planting in the area where they are & I still manage to break bits off some of my lovely bulbs!

8 Nov, 2010


The sooner the better, Pixielady - before they do start rooting!

9 Nov, 2010

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