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By Marts

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

when can I cover my oleanders with fleece covers



Hi Marts and welcome to GoY, I would have thought it was rather early to be covering anything with fleece unless it is just for the odd night to keep a frost off.

7 Nov, 2010


Thank you

7 Nov, 2010


Does it get particularly cold there where you are, Marts ?

I have one of these and i don't cover it ..... it didn't bat an eyelid to last winters low temps so i'm thinking they're hardier than they're made out to be - as so many plants are, really.

10 Nov, 2010


Hi louise1

they reckon its going to get down to minus 7 degs soon and I have 8 of these Shrubs,
and today I brought some of them fleeces but not shaw how these go on the shrubs, they are a tube like design sealed one end and very long in length, not sure how to use them on the shrub any Ideas please....

27 Nov, 2010

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