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in early japanese red maple was planted.very beautiful,31/2 ft.tall,very full and very redthis past week the weather changed and got cold and is now bare, no leaves. do i fertilize or have i lost the tree?



They are meant to lose their leaves at this time of year so I wouldnt worry. Dont waste your money adding fertilizer until growth strats again in the spring.
welcome to GoY too.

7 Nov, 2010


Seaburn is correct. Also small red maples can lose the ends of their branches over winter due to frost damage . Don't worry about this. Wait until new leaves appear in the spring and prune off any shoots that have died back.

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7 Nov, 2010


Welcome, Ron! Seaburngirl and Anchorman are both right--going bare is the normal thing to happen this time of year. Since I don't know your State, it is hard to tell if you need to worry much about winter damage. If you garden in a colder area than USDA zone 6a, I would take the precaution of inserting some evergreen branches around the lower 2 ft. of the tree so you won't have the roots die or have to start from just a stump if it gets too cold for it this winter. When you see the buds just starting to swell in spring, you can slip the branches out along the ground.

8 Nov, 2010


Ah! I hadn't spotted Ron is from the US. Obviously there will be states in the US where maples require protection.

8 Nov, 2010

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