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Leaf wilt on Buddleja

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For the last couple of years many of the leaves on my Buddleja have wilted,turned yellow and dropped at the height of the season. It tends to recover o.k. towards autumn and foliage wise looks better now than ever it did in summer. I always prune hard around March. It is planted in a fully sunny spot in good soil. I'm wondering if the soil is too good!

On plant Buddleja davidii



My RHS Encyclopaedia says that Buddleja davidii prefers alkaline soil. I am just wondering what Ph your soil is - do you know? Just a thought. It also says 'grow in fertile well-drained soil', so I don't think that your soil will be too rich...

20 Jan, 2008


I've had one on acid soil too so I don't think that's going to be the problem. If it's only been the last couple of years, it might be lack of water and then too much! - lol

20 Jan, 2008


Poor Buddleja! All you can do really is what you have been - and IF we have a hot summer, give it a drink! At least you have the consolation that it recovers each time. What colour is it?

21 Jan, 2008

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