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Tarragona, Spain Es

Hi, I live in North East Spain, please can anyone tell me when & how I should plant Jacaranda seeds. Many thanks



Sow the seeds (having broken them out of those lovely hard pods, and then soaked them overnight), as soon as possible after gathering them, in damp compost, about 1-2cm deep. Temperature about 70 degrees (21 deg cent.). It's a tropical tree naturally, from Brazil, but has established itself successfully in cooler climes. Once germinated, keep seedlings a little cooler, but still in gentle heat and well ventilated, but not out in full sun. Be mindful of fluctuating night and day temps. Cool nights will stop growth, and may even kill off the seedlings. Phil J

8 Nov, 2010


Hello Phil J - thanks a million for the answer. I wil get them planted tomorrow. I will let you know how they go.

Hasta Pronto :)

8 Nov, 2010


That's so useful, Phil J. I've tried in the past (now I know why I failed), but it's such a beautiful tree it's worth persevering. How long do the seeds take to germinate?

9 Nov, 2010


Hi Klaraclear, be very careful with the seedlings....I lived in this part of Spain and had planted a small Jacaranda tree in a sheltered part of our garden. The second year, we had snow and that was it, a False Pepper tree also perished, so be wary when positioning them. A fantastic tree for December blossoms with a heavenly scent and fruits in June is the Nispero or Loquat.
I see your area is Tarragona, we were in L'Ametlla de Mar.....really miss it...:o(

9 Nov, 2010

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