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Sarraceniac?? I have read your thorough answer to the previous "care for Cordyline" question. Mine is variegated and (as yet) I have no fleece. I've tied the plant up and wondered if straw around the crown would protect it . . . maybe I'd need to build a 'wigwam' of twigs to keep the straw in place?



If your Cordyline has developed a bare stem or trunk, you will need to protect that over winter as well, if its cold like last year. It's not immediately desperate (weather's not cold enough) so get some fleece when you can. If you've already tied the topgrowth up over the growing tip, that'll protect that, so wrap fleece around the whole thing when the weather is freezing or below.

9 Nov, 2010


Many thanks, Bamboo, for your quick answer. No, no bare trunk - I've only had it since the Spring. Certainly feels cold today (8 degrees) brrrrrrr . . . but will venture out for some fleece soon(ish).

9 Nov, 2010


Same here - expecting 5 deg tonight...

9 Nov, 2010

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