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about chrisanthamum it came from gdn centre it was in a out door covered area but not indoors i have got it in a mini green house still in full bloom it is in a pot just now but would like to transplant



If it is still getting pretty chilly at night in the greenhouse (not heated), Billy, it should be safe to plant it out after the blooms are done, though I would put a fleece over it for the first couple of weeks, just to transition from the greenhouse, and allow it to harden off. Mulching would also be a good thing to do before serious cold sets in.

Just so you know, you could have continued the dialogue on the original question, which would have made it easier for those who answered before. They would have been automatically notified. Also, those new to this particular issue, like myself, wouldn't have been so lost until they found the other question.

10 Nov, 2010


ill remeber the next time to complete the question & thanks

10 Nov, 2010

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