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plants that grow in dry soil

Asked from the GoYpedia dry soil plants page



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10 Nov, 2010


I have some dry areas in my garden as well and would like to hear some idea's from fellow gardeners with more experience than I. My dry area's are 2x3 metre bed under two conifers and a small corner patch about a meter square, north facing, under a silver birch tree...Soil is sandy.
I'm going to have a look at that link Beattie, i haven't found that part of the site yet thanks for posting that.

And i assure you that i do not want this info for an exam!

10 Nov, 2010


I read somewhere that Euonymus can cope with dry shade under conifers if you give them a good head start with new soil and water them well until they establish.

10 Nov, 2010


Ive just searched your suggestion Anchorman and found this lovely looking 'Euonymus alatus' with its autumnal red leaves. Ive already added around 100 litres of compost and a few dust bin bags of manure so hope it has improved the soil quality. Im trying to think of some pro's of having two large conifers in a small garden, but its hard! Crows nest up there aswell and make such a racket, no song birds to be heard. Can't justify having them cut down though.

11 Nov, 2010


Yes conifers are fine but imo should rarely be allowed to grow more than 8 feet tall.

11 Nov, 2010


hardy geraniums have many to suit theses conditions also laminams.

14 Nov, 2010

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