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Hello I have a climbing Hydranga sorry if spelt wrong.I bought it from my local garden centre in Norwich2years ago and it was in a draughty spot, It only had two flowers ,lush leaves though, since then looks like it gave went brown and dropped all leaves last summer its in a pot I have replenished the soil and shortened the branches that come from the upright stem.its 1ft high now because I FELT THAT WOULD HELP IT,does it have a chance to rebud next season?Ihave it beside a wall sheltered behind the housenow.



I wonder how large the pot is? Hydrangeas are moisture lovers and need a lot of water in warm weather. If there are nice buds on the ends of the shoots it should sprout again properly in Spring. These Hydrangeas can take a few years to really get going.

10 Nov, 2010


it grows quite big and may prefer not to be in a pot, also be careful not to allow it to get frosted or it could damage the roots

10 Nov, 2010


Like Volunteer i also wonder how large the pot is.

These are large shrubs and you will need a pot that's 'at least' 2.5' diameter to get the best out of this plant.

If the pot's smaller than 2.5' i'd suggest changing it to a nice large pot that can accomadate its large root system.

This plant really wants to be out in the ground so it can romp to its hearts content.

10 Nov, 2010


These plants like to 'cling' on to a wall or fence and as everyone has said they need loads of water, we had an extremely dry summer this year, I reckon it needs to go into the ground as Louise suggested and then it should, fingers crossed, recover. Mine is in the ground and have had it for donkeys years!

14 Nov, 2010

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