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What's this plant? It was growing at Great Comp Garden and was in flower in October. It's about 3 feet tall.




Eupatorium rugosum (Joe Pye Weed). Smart, isn't it? Probably the cultivar 'Chocolate'. Phil

10 Nov, 2010


Further to that (V, I've sent you details), it's recently been re-classified, and is now ageratina altissima 'Chocolate'. The species, straight A. altissima, is a poisonous plant, "Snakeroot", which caused problems for decades in America, where the plant is native. If cattle ate it, the active toxin, tremetol, contaminated the milk and meat. I love things like this, fasinating. Phil

10 Nov, 2010


Oh no, Phil! Not another one that's changed its name! Well - mine is staying as E. r. 'Chocolate'. That's because a) I shan't remember its new name, and b) I'm a rebel. LOL

I like the interesting fact for today, by the way! :-))

10 Nov, 2010


Beat me too it. One of those pictures of a plant where I thought, I know that and then completely forgot the name. Supposed to be easy to grow, but it has died twice for us.

10 Nov, 2010


Oh dear - I have mine in shade - and they're doing really well there. They don't get much sun at all - maybe first thing in the morning, that's all.

10 Nov, 2010


I like this plant too and have dithered over buying one in the past. Toxins aside, I think I will get one!

10 Nov, 2010


It's useful for most of the year, Fractal - the dark foliage is lovely, then late flowers - great!

11 Nov, 2010


Thanks everyone!

13 Nov, 2010

How do I say thanks?

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