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Propagating seeds- Bark chips in potting compost


By Funguy

Berkshire, United Kingdom Gb

At college we watched a video about propagating seeds, the video was mostly about soil mixes.
The RHS video mentioned many times the use of bark chippings in potting mixes.
So do you use bark in potting mixes?
If so can you tell me where you get potting bark from and can you give me a recommendation?
I cannot find any small chipped bark in any of my local garden center's, only large chunky decorative/mulching bark which is obviously not intended for use in potting mixes.
The video was quite dated, early 90's i think, so have things moved on and is bark not used and other material used in its place?



Until a couple of years ago it was possible to buy 'ground and composted bark' as a soil conditioner. I used to use this as the humus source (when I had run out of leafmould) in my potting composts along with one third part loam and one third part grit. The soil conditioner that is sold now is a mixture of composted abrk and municiple compost. The compostion is very variable and I only use it if I am really desperate.

11 Nov, 2010


Composted bark was definitely used in potting mixes but no longer appears to exist (please tell me I'm wrong someone!). As my s.o. says soil conditioner is NOT a reliable replacement...

11 Nov, 2010


I went to check a large chain of garden centre today, all the ornamental grasses they had for sale where in a medium consisting of mainly bark chips, about 1cm big. I asked an attendant if they had anything of the sort for sale, again they said they do not. :S

11 Nov, 2010


Leaf mould if you can make it is the real solution.

11 Nov, 2010

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