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Can anyone suggest a quick growing climber that is both evergreen and flowers for a few months of the year? I am looking for one to go up the side of the garage wall. It gets sun most of the afternoon but would need to be happy growing in a pot as there is a path running alongside the garage. In previous years i have grown sweet peas there which have been wonderful, but at this time of year the area just looks so bleak. Is there such a climber? Fragrance would be an added bonus as well!



thats a hard ask . perhaps one of these honey suckles that generaly stay green all year unless its realy cold .bigger the pot the better to .you could mix a couple of colours . sorry im know good at latin names as im dyslexic .

11 Nov, 2010


Trachleospermum jasminiodes might fit the bill, but where you live, I'd wait till spring to plant it. Evergreen, fragrant white flowers in summer, needs something to climb up, bit slow to get away initially, once its got going, its fine. Won't like lots of northerly or easterly winds in the winter much though.

11 Nov, 2010


Clematis armandii, which, if it's given a good start, will rival most things for vigour, and early season flower. Phil

11 Nov, 2010


I have a Lonicera japonica, an evergreen climbing honeysuckle. It's great, grows fast and the leaves are a super dark green. And the flowers are perfumed. But I believe it needs a bit of shelter before it takes off.

12 Nov, 2010


Stroller has just posted a pic of Trach Jasm Bamboo, it does look a lovely shrub.

12 Nov, 2010


yes, it is a beauty - well behaved, slight russet tint to the leaves at different times of year, glossy leaved, and lovely fragrance in summer when in flower.

12 Nov, 2010


thanks for all you suggestions. We currently have a couple of honeysuckles, but they havent performed very well since we got them, which makes me question whether i want them elsewhere. I think i'll look into the Trachleospermum jasminiodes and the clematis.

Thanks again, i have some thinking to do now x

13 Nov, 2010


Trachelospermum is lovely but don't know if it will like being outdoors as far north as Lancs. If you have a warm sheltered spot you could give it a go. The clematis would be better I think (although I have had them go black in the winter if its cold winds) and it does grow fast. What about Akebia Quinata. Semi-evergreen, grows fast, lovely vanilla scented flowers and grows in shade too. Would need a big pot though. Solanum Glasnevin? might work also. Also, there is a lovely rose...Veilchenblau which is almost evergreen, grows fast and has lovely purple scented flowers all over it. It isn't thorny either.

13 Nov, 2010


I would suggest the Clematis too, also the Clematis Cirrhosas are evergreen and would flower during winter and have finer glossy evergreen leaves the rest of the year.

14 Nov, 2010

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