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ornamental aliums - will they continue to shoot up once flowered?


By Andrea

Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have some aliums christophii growing which should grow to at least 2 feet, however they are about to flower and are only about 10 inches high- will they continue to shoot up once they have flowered?

On plant Allium



They might do -but may not have enough energy to reach full size. give them a bit of compost, and see if they're better next year.

17 May, 2007


Thanks again for the reply... its so good to have someone elses opinion!

17 May, 2007


Oh how I miss my Aliums....I had some in my last garden....mine seemed to be at the "about to flower" stage for a while and kept growing up until they did flower at full height, so you might find that they will be fine once they finally burst out!!! **mental note to make sure I plant some bulbs this year**

20 May, 2007


I find that my Christophii are always shorter than my other alliums, so I thought that was the norm.

11 May, 2020

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