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I have an old tree stump from a sycamore which was cut down some years ago. However it still sends up little shoots. How can I get rid of it as I am too old to do it physically. Web sites say chemicals only work on new stumps.



Hmm, well, not sure I entirely agree with that. If the shoots are appearing on the stump itself,then drill into it, about half an inch in from the bark, making holes about 2/3 inches apart all round (use a medium or large wood bit,make the holes quarter to half inch deep). Fill the holes with SBK, a brushwood killer - wear gloves, don't spill it on the ground or on yourself, it's like water, use it neat. Now cover the stump with something - an old slab,bricks, sheet of plastic, whatever and leave it to work.
If the shoots are some distance away from the stump, coming off the roots or a sucker, you need to expose or find the sucker/root and treat those in the same way as described - except you won't be able to make a ring of holes,so just a few here and there. This won't get rid of the stump, but it should stop it growing again.

13 Nov, 2010

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