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By Alextb

London, England Eng

I have recently bought a Poinsetta for £4.98, (not knowing that ASDA were selling them for £1.98 grrrr...)

I was just wondering what the care instructions are as I could not find them on the packaging, and how long they are expected to last in the UK indoors.

If it matters, I live on the outskirts of London.




Nothing special - water when the top of the compost appears a little dry (about every 5 days, probably), don't leave it sitting in water for longer than 30 minutes, brightly lit spot, away from heat sources and draughts.

13 Nov, 2010


And accept that this is a one of plant i.e. bung in the compost when the bracts go green!

13 Nov, 2010


I have been really disappointed with the last couple of pointsettas I have purchased....I always seem to lose most of the leaves and it then looks so bare with just the red leaves holding on for dear life near the top of the plant. I do like having one in the house over Christmas if I can keep it alive long enough!

My stepmom had a pointsetta that she kept for years in the house and it was quite large. I guess she had green fingers for this particular plant as it would flower with the red leaves in late autumn. Never happened with my plants so I'd be binning them as MG has said.

14 Nov, 2010


O.K then, thanks you 3.

14 Nov, 2010

How do I say thanks?

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