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Calycanthus - anyone got one ??

Leicestershire, United Kingdom Gb

Sadly Im losing my fight with wooly aphid on the apple tree so Im going to rip it out over winter and looking to fill the gap it will leave.

Im considering planting a Calythanthus shrub but I cant seem to find anything here on Calycanthus and wondered if anyone on here has one in their garden ? - is it hardy ? an easy manageable shrub ?

On plant Calycanthus



This shrub is common in America,not so much here - there is plenty of info on line, google it. Described as 'reasonably hardy', requiring protection from spring frosts when young.

14 Nov, 2010


I have just planted the wonderful hybrid Sinocalycanthus x 'Hartlage Wine' in my garden. One I planted at work last year flowered for nearly six months and its still only a small four foot plant!. Can't wait to see it and mine when its a large shrub, it will be quite simply spectacular! Hardy too.

I would probably not go for the American Calycanthus (either of the two species), ok shrubs but the flowers are a bit small and dull, usually a muddy red-brown and they take up a lot of space for not much show.

The white flowered Chinese species (Sinocalycanthus) is more showy but grows very large and the flowers are often a little shy in coming.

Go for the hybrid. It's expensive but the price is coming down. Even a small rooted cutting will grow fast, believe me! This is going to be one of the most sought after plants once people start to become more familiar with it.

Have a look at S. 'Hartlage Wine' in my photo's.

14 Nov, 2010


Thanks Fractal - that hybrid looks like the solution - nice colours. Only found one place selling it (according to Google) - Bluebell Nursery - who quote

"Although a new introduction, we suspect that the large leaves will be a tempting target for slugs and therefore slug pellets or cultural control of slugs is advised."

Did our slimy critters have a pop at your plant ?

14 Nov, 2010


Haven't done yet though I will see what happens next year!

14 Nov, 2010


Slugs never touched mine. It's just not their sort of plant. I suspect Bluebell got an attack from vine weevil and mis-identified the attacker. Oops, can I say that sort of thing?! Phil

14 Nov, 2010


We've had a "Calycanthus fertilis Purpureus" from Bluebell in our garden for about four/five years now.
No winter protection or slug damage (but we don't have a slug problem anyway) - and it's doing great.
I've also seen ones in Walton Hall Gardens, Warrington (a few years ago) and York Gate garden in Leeds (this summer).
We're very happy with it.

15 Nov, 2010

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