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Hi to everyone, I am a fairly new to gardening, and realising the joys of it all. I am looking to planting a hedge to help give some shelter as well as form to my front garden.
I rather fancy a Purple Beach, because I like the thought of not only the changing colour, but the leaves remaining on the hedge. However I would also like to have a hedge that flowers rather like the Vibernum Tinus I have just been looking at. Is there anything that could combine the two thoughts? Any help would really be appreciated.



a hedge doesnt have to be made up of one type of plant at all and hello .

13 Nov, 2010


Welcome to GoY, Podgelette. As a starter, why not a purple beech hedge with a few Vibernum tinus dotted along the length of the hedge?

13 Nov, 2010


If you want something which keeps some leaf in winter, or is evergreen and also flowers,the following are possibilities: Pyracantha, Berberis darwinii, Escallonia, Cotoneaster cornubia.

14 Nov, 2010


then there are hawthorn, blackthorn and hornbeams that ake a lovely mixed hedge.

14 Nov, 2010


Thank you so much to all of you, especially Bamboo who has bamboozled me into looking into Escallonia Apple Blossom. I rather like the thought of a fragrant hedge as well as an evergreen and flowering to boot. WOW. I'm really looking forward to the end result.

14 Nov, 2010

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