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I've just seen these on a GC website and think they are beautiful. Can anyone tell me if they are suitable for planting in my area (Merseyside) and when would I need to plant them...i.e. spring? or? How easy are they to grow? No experience of gardening so just starting :) Ta.



Tough as old boots, plant next spring and they'll be with you for life.

14 Nov, 2010


i love plants like that moon grower lol x .

14 Nov, 2010


Thank you, MG :) I like the bold statement they make. I have read that they self-seed and need taming/controlling but I can live with that so agree NP...very attractive plants.

14 Nov, 2010


The definitely self seed but that isn't a problem - just pot on ones you want to keep or give away and weed out the rest. They can and do get big mind.

14 Nov, 2010


Fair comment, MG....I'll have to be very careful where I plant this is limited.

14 Nov, 2010


I have an annoying advert over the plant name. what are we talking about please?

14 Nov, 2010


Here's the name, SBG....I know what you mean about the annoying stuff blocking important information.....


I am guessing they are part of the thistle family...very impressive and I've found quite a few photos of them from GoYpedia that members have in their gardens (this was after I posted my question!).

14 Nov, 2010


Very nice plants

15 Nov, 2010

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