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Should I prune back my Patio Roses now that we have had our first frost or wait will spring. They are planted along our side walk and over growing on to the path



you could shorten them a bit to keep the paths clear. I dont fully prune mine until march.
welcome to GoY too

14 Nov, 2010


Yes they were pruning back the climbing roses on Gardeners World this week, if you have catchup t.v you can see how they were doing it.

14 Nov, 2010


This is a Patio rose not a climber Maggy 7 I dont prune mine till the spring either.

14 Nov, 2010


And the person asking the question lives in the States!

14 Nov, 2010


Spring is Spring wherever you live MG?

14 Nov, 2010


Yes spring is spring and depending where you live you prune at different times!

14 Nov, 2010


I thought the usa being in the northern hemisphere had spring pretty much the same time as us.
when new growth starts to show prune it then. :o)

14 Nov, 2010


Getting confused here MG - my sister-in-law in Boston prunes hers about when I prune mine.

14 Nov, 2010


And we don't know where in the vast tracts of the US Newbirosegrower lives. Please let us know which zone you're in NBRG as I think that may be what makes the difference. Lots of us are in the UK where our weather approximately matches your zones 7 - 9.

where there is a discussion of hardiness zones around the world as well as heat zones, which are also important.

14 Nov, 2010


id do it in early spring what ever myself . as drc726 sais spring is spring wear ever you are .

15 Nov, 2010


Just getting their first frost now probably puts them in zone 8b, in which case, major pruning should probably be done in mid February.

17 Nov, 2010

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