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By Banjo1

County Antrim, United Kingdom Gb

I have a 15 year old columnar Irish Yew ( about 3 metres tall) which I would like to move. Can I do this now with a good root ball and re-plant with some chance of success ?

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Depends on how tall it is,and how wide. You may need bigger tools than a spade to do it. Up to about 6ft is manageable, domestically, with a root ball about 50cm across, and nearly as deep. That'll be heavy enough to manoeuvre about as it is. Good time of year, however. You'll need some hessian or a sack of sorts to contain the rootball securely while you move it. Dig the new hole first, so everything's ready. Come back to us for more advice if you need. Be good to know the size of the tree. Phil

14 Nov, 2010


Do you know, I missed the height, sorry. That's a mighty task, and I'd expect a 75cm rootball (across) and about 30-40cm deep. That'll weigh about a quarter of a ton. Of course it's possible. Got help? Phil

14 Nov, 2010


We've got 2 at over 2 metres - would not try to move!

14 Nov, 2010


you can move them now but id wate till very early spring if you can myself .

15 Nov, 2010

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