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By Pamsco

Midlothian, Scotland Sco

2 more plant IDs please. The first is springing up all along a raisd bed - I really like it and may plant it elsewhere.

The second is in a corner bed which is really slimey under the leaves - i've put 2 pictures a close up and a context to show the size.


Suculent Muddy Context



Two of my favourites.

1st photo is 'sempervivium' aka 'house leek' & a very nice variety btw.

2nd is 'saxifraga umbrosa' aka 'London Pride' dont seem to see this plant as often now. That is a an excellent group in the corner of the lawn.

Both hardy & prefering good drainage as a rule.

15 Nov, 2010


I agree with Bampy, but the saxifraga grows like a weed round here. It appears all over the place. Mind you it's abetter choice than creeping buttercup or the red oxalis:-)

15 Nov, 2010


Ahh London Pride, I remember it growing in the garden as a child, there were lots and lots of it, a lovely plant but yes you're right Bampy you don't see it very much now, suppose its not "trendy" eh?

15 Nov, 2010


My Mum has London Pride in her back garden ... think it's probably been there for the last 50 years ... lol!

15 Nov, 2010


Wow 50 years, its as old as me!! its a real doer isn't it, I think I might see if I can get hold of some, fancy a little blast from the past in the garden :0)

15 Nov, 2010


Dido, would you like a clump from Mums garden ? I'm sure she'd be happy to let some go travelling ! PM me your address if you do. : o ))

15 Nov, 2010


let's revive this good ol stalwart & make it hip again, only takes some upstart trendy garden program presenter to chuck it in a horrendously reflective container that looks like a car scrapyard & we all want abit of it again ;-)) oh!! & then up go the prices in the garden centre :-((

15 Nov, 2010


Yin and Yang Bampy!!! LOL

15 Nov, 2010


yin & yang indeed D ;-)

15 Nov, 2010


LOL! I was going to rip it out! It is so black and slimy at the base of the saxafraga I thought it was on it's way out.

It's kind of blocked in by grass and paving so can't really spread. Given the popularity here it has won a reprieve :)

Thanks for the IDs - I really like the house leek, not heard of it before.

15 Nov, 2010


you can also grow it on your roof to ward away lightning & witch'es. ( so the stories go ;-))

16 Nov, 2010

How do I say thanks?

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