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Should I cut this down or leave it. I bought this canna in a plant sale after it had flowered earlier in the year. It put out a lot of new leaves and I have it in the conservatory now.




I'd say leave it. That's what large glasshouse owners do, after all! Enjoy it!

15 Nov, 2010


no im with spritz .maybe get it in a bigger pot maybe so it can grow even bigger its a lovley plant .

15 Nov, 2010


never mend something that isnt broken x .

16 Nov, 2010


I wouldn't cut down the stems unless they are done blooming, or are frost damaged. Neither seems to apply in this case.

17 Nov, 2010


here here tug

17 Nov, 2010


your more than welcome homebird x .

18 Nov, 2010


You're welcome from my end, too, Homebird!

21 Nov, 2010

How do I say thanks?

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