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hi,my dad asked me to find out on the internet about his rhododendrum.It snapped in half the other day with bad weather.we live in ireland so were about to go into winter.Can this tree be saved if placed in rooting broke about 4 inches from the root. any advice would be great,i bought this tree for my dad a few years ago and i know he would be devastated if it died,thanks Caroline. the tree has no flowers on it now as its just winter

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That was a nice looking tree, Sunshine. It sounds as if it was grafted to a rootstock and that it has broken at the graft. Sorry, but I doubt thay you can save it. The stem is much too thickto root as a cutting or be grafted again.

15 Nov, 2010


What a shame! It was a nice plant.

15 Nov, 2010

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